My father used to buy video compact discs at a store near our place. Then came the video rental days and we took advantage of the various promos that were available then. The very first animated cartoon that I’ve watched is Sleeping Beauty then Snow White and The Little Mermaid.

When Destiny Cable Television came to our home, I had the chance to view more animated cartoons. Ben 10 and Adventure Time became my instant favorite. Even though away from our home in Manila, I was never really cut off from watching animated cartoons. Gsat Direct TV gave us Animax, my favorite anime channel.

There are a lot of Direct TV providers around but I think Gsat is the best because it was the only one with Animax for only P99.00 a month. We were able to see more Animax featured animes when we were in Tarlac a few years ago. It was in Tarlac when we decided to go for a TV provider that had the Animax channel.

GMA channel 7 in Manila showed the “Fairy Tail” series dubbed in Tagalog and my interest with anime grew a lot since then. At present Fairy Tail reruns are still shown in Animax channel and I never get tired of viewing the series again and again. With Gsat and Animax I never ran out of animated cartoon shows to view when ever and where ever in the country. I just make sure I have my P99.00 load cards ready before each subscription ends.


Summertime Record, Kagerou Project
Summertime Record